About us

About Us

To be a leading provider of quality, cost-effective, recycled car and truck parts for consumer and resale needs.

Mr. R’s is your qualified auto recycler, helping you find cost-efficient alternatives that keep your truck or car on the road. We have been operating since 1984 in our present location. In the early 90’s, we were an early adopter of computerized inventory systems in our industry and that has helped us establish a reputation of providing correct and accurately described inventory. We are a very active member of national organizations ARA(Automotive Recycler’s Association), URG (United Recyclers Group), and Team PRP. We are also members of the Chamber of Commerce of Buffalo, WY, and sponsor many local activities.

Our involvement in Team PRP has helped us raise the bar even higher for parts quality and best business practices. Our team works diligently each day to ensure that we are known as a top tier vendor within a network of highly regarded parts suppliers.

The majority of our cars are purchased from insurance companies after a total loss is written on the vehicle. We purchase vehicles primarily in the arid Rocky Mountain Region, so most of our recycled parts are rust free. We also purchase scrap cars in the local area to help keep our community and environment clean.

We are family owned/operated and are proud to call Buffalo, WY our home. Being “Green” is a relatively recent trend, but our company and industry was green long before it was trendy. It’s just our everyday practice and we are pleased that we can employ 36 great people that help us serve you every day!

Check out the article about us at URG. Turns out we happened to be their very first member spotlight and are honored to have this recognition. Since we were the first, you have to scroll to the bottom of the link to see us.